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For Associations and Trade Groups

As an executive of an industry association, surely you’re eager to demonstrate that membership in your organization is a terrific value. Business owners and managers typically have multiple industry groups that vie for their membership. Networking, advocacy, and being informed on important industry developments are all important benefits your members enjoy. These benefits, however, are difficult to quantify. When a member sits down to remit their annual membership fee, wouldn’t it be great if they could say with confidence, “I know this is going to repay me many times over?”

Moreover, you can rest easy that your members will be very well treated, receiving high levels of service, honest contracts, and complete transparency into what they are paying and why. We’re very focused on marketing the value of membership. Our work starts with a complimentary analysis of a member’s current payment processing arrangements. Our detailed findings are presented in a clear and professional manner that will reflect well on you. Even more important, we are careful to scale the cost reduction potential that we find in terms of the member’s cost of membership. It’s not unusual for us to uncover annual benefits three to ten times membership fees. What a great value, and a clear argument that membership is a “no brainer” decision.

That’s exactly the kind of return on investment thinking that we can bring to your organization’s membership. Card payments are a fact of life in business today, and many of your members will be paying more than they should for the equipment and services associated with taking those payments. Based on service to other industry associations, an exclusive member benefit in this field will yield annual savings to individual members that are multiples of their annual membership fees, a benefit that you can point to in making the case for the value that membership will bring to your current and prospective members.

Contact us today to set up an introductory discussion. We’re ready to learn about the unique needs of your membership, and structure a member benefit proposal that’s a winner for you and for your members.